Hot & Crispy Onion Rings

Crispy, golden brown onion rings. Served with a side of your choice house made buttermilk ranch, house made whiskey BBQ sauce, buffalo, or honey mustard.

Mozz sticks

Warm melted mozzarella sticks sprinkled with parmesan cheese served with our house made marinara or creamy parmesan aioli.

Fired Pickles

Breaded pickle chips deep fried to a golden deliciousness. Served with ranch dipping sauce.

Cheese Curds

White cheddar cheese curds coated with our signature beer batter and deep fried to a golden goodness. Served with ranch dipping sauce.

Toss in buffalo sauce or dry rub $0.50

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Fries

Golden brown french fries topped with buffalo chicken, creamy queso, ranch, and green onions.

Guac & Chips

Fresh homemade guacamole and tortilla chips served with a side of pico de gallo.

Upper Manhattan Nachos

Made fresh daily tortilla chips topped with creamy queso, refried beans, fresh shredded lettuce, pickled jalapeños, sliced black olives, fresh green onion, house made pico de gallo, & sour cream.

Add beef $2, grilled chicken $3

Cheese Quesadilla

A warm mozzarella and cheddar blend served with a side of our house made pico de gallo and sour cream.

Add beef $2, grilled chicken $3, buffalo or bbq chicken $3.50

Sampler Platter

Included are mozz stick, onion rings, fried pickles, traditional wings and cheese quesadillas.

Add grilled chicken or beef $2

*Note this item is not included in the Thursday 1/2 price daily special.

Basket of Fries

Basket of crispy golden fries.

Add chili, queso cheese or seasoning $2

Basket of Tots

Basket of crispy golden tots.

Add chili, queso cheese or seasoning $2

In The Beef times

Our signature blend of locally sourced beef, short rib, & brisket patties.

All burgers are served with crispy golden fries and your choice of American or pepper jack cheese.

Midtown Manhattan Burger Gluten Free

Our classic half pound burger on a toasted brioche bun with fresh lettuce, tomato, & raw onion served on side.

Central Park Smash Burger Gluten Free

Our famous smashed half pound crispy patty served on a toasted brioche bun with a spicy chipotle aioli, pickled jalapeños, and a sweet bacon jam topping.

Times Square Quarter Pounder Burger Gluten Free

Our quarter pound signature patty on a toasted brioche bun with fresh lettuce, tomato, & raw onion on side.

Out - N - In Burger Gluten Free

Double smash patty burger, all nestled between a perfectly toasted brioche bun, topped with grilled onions, chopped pickles, creamy 1000 island dressing, and your choice of cheese.

From the Coop

All chicken sandwiches are served with crispy golden fries and your choice of American or pepper jack cheese.

Fifth Avenue wings & things

Either traditional or boneless
6pc $9.99 | 8pc $12.99 | 12pc $15.99 | 24pc $27.99

Served with your choice of house made buttermilk ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce and side of celery & carrots.

Signature Sauces: Buffalo | House Whiskey BBQ | Honey Mustard | Parmesan Garlic

Dry Rubs: Hot | BBQ


Tender crispy chicken coated in zesty Buffalo sauce, wrapped in a soft tortilla with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, sliced red onions, cheddar cheese and drizzled with homemade ranch.


Tender grilled chicken with spinach, onions, feta cheese, diced tomatoes, kalamata olives and parmesan aioli.

Chicken Tenders

2pc $6.99 | 4pc $10.99 | 6pc $12.99 | 12pc $20.99

Breaded chicken tenderloins fried to a golden brown and served with a side of our crispy house fries.


Herb marinated double chicken breasts grilled or crispy topped with mayo, pickles, fresh lettuce, tomato, & raw onion served on a toasted brioche bun.


Tender, crispy-fried chicken breast marinated in a secret blend of fiery spices that will have you begging for more. Our signature hot sauce is a perfect balance of heat and flavor.

From the oven

Each pizza is a generous 10 inches and a range of seasonal and local ingredients to create the perfect crispy Neapolitan-inspired pizza.


Chief’s handmade fresh dough topped with classic mozzarella and parmesan cheese, house made marinara sauce.


Tender chicken, savory red onions and our signature house whiskey BBQ sauce with Colby & Jack cheese.


Grilled chicken in our zesty buffalo sauce with your choice of blue cheese or ranch topped with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Pizza Toppings

Protein add $3 each | Pepperoni | Italian Sausage | Chicken | Bacon

Veggie add $1 each | Black Olives | Onions | Jalapeños | Green Peppers | Sliced Tomato | Spinach | Garlic

Lighter Side
Madison Square Caesar

Fresh chopped romaine, grated parmesan cheese, baked garlic and herb croutons and creamy caesar dressing. Choice of grilled chicken or crispy chicken $3


Fresh Romain, grated parmesan, house made ranch, grilled chicken, crispy bacon, diced tomatoes, red onion


Titos Vodka, Lime Juice, and Ginger Beer


Jameson Whiskey, Lime Juice and Ginger Beer


Your choice of Tequila

Flavors: Lime, Strawberry, Mango or Watermelon


Your choice of Bourbon or Whiskey.

Try it smoked!!


Your choice of Bourbon or Whiskey.

Try it smoked!!


Bulleit Bourbon, Lime Juice and Ginger Beer


Your choice of Vodka in our signature Bloody Mix


Your choice of well or shelf


Your choice of Vodka or Gin shaken and served with an olive. You can always get it dirty!


Your choice of Vodka shaken with Lemon Juice, Triple Sec and Simple Syrup


Your choice of Vodka shaken with Cranberry Juice, Triple Sec, and squeeze of Lime Juice

White Wine
Pinot Grigio

Proverb | California | ABV 12%
Luminous pear and apple notes are animated with aromas of lime & lemon

Sauvignon Blanc

Proverb | California | ABV 13%
Filled with lively grapefruit & apricot notes and hints of pineapple & lime


Proverb | Californian | ABV 13%
Vibrant flavors and aromas with layers of baked apple pineapple that are layered with whispers of vanilla and caramel


Caposaldo | Italy | ABV 7%
Bright golden yellow in color, this wine delivers an assertive bouquet with exotic fruit & spice aromas

Red Wine
Cabernet Sauvignon

Proverb | California | ABV 13%
Bursting with flavors of blackberry that meld with hints of mocha, vanilla & oak


Proverb | California | ABV 13%
Plum & dark cherry flavor wrapped with touches of warm vanilla & spice


Astica | Argentina | ABV 13%
Dense plum and black cherry with smooth tannins

Domestic Beer
Bud Light

Lager | St. Louis | ABV 5%


Lager | St. Louis | ABV 5%

Busch Light

Lager | St. Louis | ABV 4.1%

Coors Light

Lager | Colorado | ABV 4.2%

Michelob Ultra

Lager | St. Louis | ABV 4.2%

Miller Lite

Pilsner | Wisconsin | ABV 4.2%

Miller 64

Light Lager | Wisconsin | ABV 2.8%

Miller High Life

Lager | Wisconsin | ABV 4.6%

Budweiser Zero

NA | St. Louis | ABV 0%

Craft Beer
Blue Moon

Belgian Wheat | Blue Moon | ABV 5.4%


Irish Stout | Guinness | ABV 4.2%

Anti Hero

IPA | Revolution Brewing | ABV 6.7%

Imported Beer
Corona Extra

Mexican Lager | Corona | ABV 4.6%


Mexican Lager | Modelo | ABV 4.4%

Stella Artois

European Lager | Brouwerij Artois | ABV 5.2%

White Claw

ABV 5%


High Noon

ABV 4.5%

Black Cherry

Twisted Tea

ABV 5%

Monday Specials
1/2 Price Pizza

Enjoy our generous 10-inch pizzas, crafted with a blend of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, delivering the ultimate crispy Neapolitan-inspired experience. Choose from our Midtown Original, customizable to your liking or we have the BBQ Chicken and Buffalo Chicken Pizza's.

Tuesday Specials
Out-N-In Burger

Delicious double smash patty burger, topped with savory grilled onions, zesty chopped pickles, creamy 1000 island dressing, and your choice of cheese, all nestled between a perfectly toasted brioche bun and served with a side of fries.

Wednesday Specials
$0.99 Each

Experience the perfection of our wings – crispy exterior, tender interior, and coated in a mouthwatering array of sauces that will keep you coming back for more. Take your pick from our house-made sauces like Buffalo, Whiskey BBQ, Honey Mustard, or Parmesan Garlic. Explore exciting new flavors including Mango Habanero and Asian Zing, complemented by the new Manhattan Fire dry rub or the classic Lemon Pepper.

Thursday Specials
1/2 Price Appetizers

½ off all appetizers (dine-in only). Choose from Hot & Crispy Onion Rings, Mozz Sticks, Cheese Curds, Buffalo Chicken Cheese Fries, Upper Manhattan Nachos, Fried Pickles, Hell’s Kitchen Quesadilla, and more!.

Thirsty Thursday You Call It

Your favorite top-shelf drinks are just $5, and well drinks are a just $3.

Friday Specials
Happy Hour

Happy Hour 1 pm to 7 pm. Discounted martinis and $2.00 domestics.

Sunday Specials
1/2 Price Salads

Get your Sunday going with our 1/2 price Salads.

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Sunday 11:00am - 1:00am
* Happy Hour Friday 1:00pm - 7:00pm
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